In my 8-5-10 post I noted that sunspot activity shifted and hence warming was kicking into gear as of that day, and I was right. We've gone from 70% spotless days to 17% spotless days to <1% spotless days. The solar sunspot cycle is due to peak in 2013 and it will be a very different world than we've known the past few years. Severe droughts will be beginning or underway in many parts of the world, heatwaves of record proportions will be afflicting major population centers, more species migration will be in evidence and don't be surprised if we've had a major ice shelf collapse in Greenland by then. Also a few very destructive hurricanes/cyclones will have likely hit and forced some environmental refugee migration. Farmers had better plan for a couple of rough years. Asshole greedmeisters who short commodities in the markets will make some money.

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