As I said for the many years I ran the Earth Day Energy Fast (1991 - 2007) you will not see any meaningful penetration into the market for renewables until Shell, Exxon, and the other major fossil fuel energy companies have drained down their oil (and related) products they wish to sell you and they can bring their renewables technology to market. The whole system is rigged, and governments (especially the U.S. government) are pawns and facilitators to the fossil fuel industry's profit motive. We could have moved dramatically to clean energy after Carter started the process in the 1970s, but we did not because of the greed of the fossil fuel industry. This new claim in PhysOrg that we can transition to 100% renewables by 2030 is laughable. It is not a question of if the technology is ready and can be mass-produced in short-order, it is a question of the stranglehold the fossil fuel industry holds over our global political process.



Is it? Animal die-offs occur for various reasons all the time. The news has picked up several stories in just a few days so it seems like a wave - statistics at some point in the future will show whether this is a blip or not, or just part of the background noise of normal die-offs. The religious nuts of course take it as more signs of the Apocalypse, since they are sure hoping for that. Rational people must put up with their stupidity as we try to sort out what are signs of biological change related to human activity we can do something about and what is part of natural cycles.