From Gizmodo, an article on how to opt-out of those dumb phone-books

(US only, this site): www.yellowpagesoptout.com

-put in zip code
-a new page will come up showing you all the phone books you may be "eligible" for
-Register: yes, you have to register in order to get on the opt-out list
-use your backup email (the one that you get junk mail at) if you have one
-check your email to activate the account
-you'll click on a link to take you back to the site
-click on Manage My Directories
-click Opt Out of All at bottom, or individually change the totals to "0"
-click Disclaimer box on next page it shows you (letting you know you may still get one or more if it's within 6 weeks of their normally-scheduled delivery)

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