Nothing short of massive reductions in energy use will have the impact to slow and possibly reverse climate change now affecting the Earth in the form of runaway global warming. As former director of the Earth Day Energy Fast, I now propose the 75-50-25 Plan: Industrialized nations are asked to cut back their use of man-made energy by 75% by 2015, Emerging nations 50%, and the rest by 25%. Massive collective effort by all sectors of society - government, industry, academia, and individuals - starting now, is what is required. It may be too late, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Juneau, Alaska has made massive cutbacks - after an avalanche cut off the majority of its power supply. The rest of the world can apply this model and can do it today. It requires governments to lead in this global effort. 88% of greenhouse gases are caused by energy use and its extraction, production, transportation, refinement, etc. Energy use intersects with all human lives. Humans are disaster-reactive, and disaster is upon us now. Cutting out energy waste is free, saves money, and can be done today - right now. Al Gore's Challenge seemed to give short shrift to cutting out energy waste ("efficiency" and "conservation" to use eco code words), instead focusing on market approaches - as in transitioning consumers and the marketplace to new energy models and sources. The Earth's climate crisis is so bad that even Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens has a Plan to address the crisis, but he also favors market shifts rather than simply cutting out the waste.

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